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The Macomb County Sheriff’s ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Reserve Unit is one of the most versatile units within the Sheriff’s Office. Its capabilities for providing law enforcement on Macomb Counties rural trails, as well as assisting full time deputies throughout the county has been well proven since its inception. The units’ primary responsibility is the patrol of the Old Orchard Trail which crosses the county from Richmond to Stony Creek Metro Park, the Metro Parkway bike trail, various state and county recreation areas and emergency response search and rescue operations. The unit has also participated at events throughout the county and within the cities of Mt. Clemens, Armada and other county municipalities providing security, traffic control and public relations.

As with all other reserve units, the individual members of the ATV unit provide their own resources necessary to accomplish their task. This includes the all terrain vehicle, tactical equipment, uniforms and uncompensated duty time. All this is done to serve the needs of the Sheriffs Office and the citizens of Macomb County.

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Sebastian Lombardo
Giles Dwyer
Norman Kuchenmeister
Jeff Young
Jeff Schalm
Michael Terenzi 
Noah Balcerzak
Antonino Mangiapane
Gary Lewandowski
Joseph Degregory
Frank Rayl
James Dellies
Larry Jones
Raymond Selman
Gregory O'Connell
Arthur Perrault
Thomas Phenegar
Christopher Sorrentino
Michael Riley
Allen Chaltron
Daniel Jaraczewski
Dominic Iafrate
Dewey Santoro
Daniel McKenzie
Chuck Rohrborn
Mazen Afram
Matthew Zdybel
J Oehmke
Justin Porter
Vincent Quasarano
Paul Sutton
Dave DiLoreto

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