Sheriff’s Winter Message:

Sheriff Wickersham

Now that winter has our County in its cold-embrace, it is the perfect time to offer some friendly reminders to our County residents.
Don’t Leave Your Cars Running and Unattended
With the cold weather, many of us have adopted the practice of starting our cars and allowing them to warm-up prior to driving. Unfortunately, if precautions are not taken, this is an invitation to car thieves. We see a corresponding increase in the number of auto-thefts this time of year, some of which are preventable. 
Many of our cars are equipped with remote starters that enable drivers to leave their cars locked while they are running, or devices that will start our cars without the key being in the ignition. A greater concern however, is when drivers start the car and leave them running, unlocked AND with the key in the ignition.
Please avoid the practice of leaving your car running (and unattended) with the keys in the ignition.
No Ice Is “Safe” Ice
Despite the seemingly cold temperatures, the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office has already had a report of a subject falling thru the ice. There is no such thing as “safe” ice, and the Sheriff’s Office strongly encourages ice fishers and winter enthusiasts to take precautions before venturing out onto our frozen lakes, ponds and streams. 
Be sure the ice is sufficient. A minimum of four inches of clear ice is required to support an average person’s weight.  
Be particularly cautious if there had been recent fluctuations in the air temperatures. A brief warm spell can weaken ice. A blanket of snow provides an insulating factor and this too can weaken ice.
If you are venturing out onto ice, tell a responsible adult where you are going and when you are expected back. 
Take a cell phone.
It is highly recommended that you NEVER take a car or truck out on the ice. 
Finally, if you should fall thru the ice, try not to panic. Try to get back to the place where you broke thru the ice. Rolling up onto the ice helps to distribute the weight.
When someone ventures onto thin ice, it not only risks their safety, but it risks the safety and welfare of all the first responders who rush to help.
Keep and Eye on Your Neighbors
It bears repeating; PLEASE try to look out for you neighbors and friends. If you spot anything suspicious, we hope that you will call your local police department and share your concerns. Alert neighbors making seemingly innocuous reports have provided crucial information that helps the law enforcement community. After all, effective policing will always be a partnership between the police and the community.  
The Sheriff’s Office has again opened its doors to the homeless or temporarily displaced. If you encounter someone in need of temporary shelter, they can be brought to the Sheriff’s Office and we will help.
Lastly, please take a minute out of your busy schedules, bundle up and go out and take advantage of the amenities that our beautiful County has to offer. Enjoy the winter activity and hope for an early spring!
On behalf of the hardworking men and women of the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office, have a happy and prosperous 2015!
Sheriff Anthony M. Wickersham

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