Macomb County Jail

The Macomb County Jail currently has a capacity of 1,238 beds. The jail houses pre-trial detainees and prisoners sentenced to one year or less. The facility is staffed by Corrections Officers, Deputy Sheriffs, Sheriff Command Officers, and a variety of support staff and volunteers.

Many programs at the Macomb County Jail help to assist in providing counseling services and the life skills necessary to help reduce recidivism.

Some of these programs include:

For information on visiting an inmate, check here.

For information on property releases and money accounts, or to see if someone is in jail call: (586) 307-9474

For information on bond amounts or court assessed fines call our Jail Office at: (586) 307-9612

Inmate Phones:


  1. Block your phone so inmates cannot call you.
  2. Set up an account so inmates can call you
  3. Information on a phone bill resulting from an inmate calling you

You will need to contact or inmate phone service provider, IC Solutions. Please visit their website at: IC Solutions, or call them at  888.506.8407

Sending Books to Inmates

Some approved Internet vendors, such as, allow private individuals and other vendors to directly sell publications on their websites. That individual or vendor, not the approved Internet vendor, then mails out the publication. In such cases, inmates are allowed to receive the publication only if the vendor actually selling and mailing the publication is identified as an approved Internet vendor. Inmates are not allowed to receive the publication if sold and/or mailed by a private individual.

NOTE: All books must be paperbacks. No hard-covered books are accepted.

The suggested Internet vendors are:
Barnes And Noble
Edward R Hamilton
Prison Legal News
Schuler Books
Walden Books

To send U.S. Mail to a prisoner housed at the Macomb County Jail:

Prisoner's Name
P.O. Box 2308
Mt. Clemens, MI 48046-2308

Effective August 15, 2013
   • All personal mail received for inmates must be in the form of a
metered postcard.  No stamps allowed.

   • Only white postcards no larger than 5” x 7” will be accepted.
      Nothing shall be affixed to the postcard.  No photos.

   • All other personal mail will be returned to sender.

   • Magazines:  Only the following magazines will be allowed in the
      facility (received directly from the publisher/non-retail distributor):
      People, Field & Stream, Newsweek, Outside, Time, Readers Digest,
      The Oprah Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Shape, Martha Stewart Living,
      Parenting and Money Magazine.

   • There are no changes to legal/privileged mail or outgoing mail.

The Inmate Trustee Program - provides work opportunities for eligible sentenced inmates in housekeeping, maintenance, kitchen, library, laundry and animal shelter. Inmate work details are supervised by Sheriff's staff